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Le Bijou de Paris

"Le Bijou de Paris is a highly entertaining mix of drama, comedy, music, dance, social commentary, and just a dash of fantasy.  Let’s hope that this buzzing boutique soon gets a grand re-opening!"
-Lavender After Dark

Le Bijou de Paris is a high-energy pop-theater show which tells the tale of a fashion boutique housing eleven living mannequins. Hiding from a war created by humans, the mannequins must never leave the boutique, for fear of being captured and killed.

Having never seen the outside world, or anyone besides each other, they are forced to struggle with very human problems: loneliness, love, the nuances of sexuality and the LGBT+ experience, friendship, forgiveness, and finding their purposes in life.

What better way to cope with the stress of it all than to turn the boutique into one big party?

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